TCU Ambassadors begins recruiting process, educates prospective students

TCU Ambassadors begins recruiting process, educates prospective students

As “faces of the student body” through Monday at TCU, TCU Ambassadors share their Horned Frog passion with prospective students daily, president Allison Pickett said.

Pickett said a TCU ambassador is a student who exemplifies TCU, is well spoken, involved and diverse, just like the campus.

Attending Monday at TCU prior to her first year was a memorable experience for Pickett, and ultimately became the reason she chose TCU, she said.  She said she loves being involved in helping others make their own college choice.

“My Monday at TCU tour helped me be more comfortable with the campus,” Mitchell Stehly, a freshman pre-major, said. “My guide exuded Horned Frog passion.”

Chris Pace, a freshman business major, said Monday at TCU had a similar effect on him. 

“After visiting TCU as a prospective student, I knew without a doubt this was where I belonged,” he said. 

As part of the selection process for ambassadors, which currently consists of 115 students, all candidates must first fill out an application, do an interview and take an exam covering TCU facts, Pickett said. 

The exam includes questions such as, “What year was TCU founded?” and “What is the correct pronunciation of Scharbauer?” she said.

Although the ambassadors are known for Monday at TCU, Pickett said they are responsible for much more than that. 

“We house prospective students overnight in dorms, give game day tours to prospective football recruits, write letters to prospective students, participate in Horned Frog Fridays, attend college fairs with admissions counselors and hometown recruit at high schools,” she said.

A different leadership team member is in charge of each one of these events, she said.

Pickett said her favorite question from prospective students is “Do people really wear this much purple at TCU?”

The recruitment process for fall ambassadors has already begun for this year, and Pickett said she looks forward to seeing the increase in group numbers.