SGA begins 99th session by backing car-sharing program


The Student Government Association House of Student Representatives met for the first time of the new semester Tuesday night to discuss plans for the upcoming year. The House moved to express support for a new administrative partnership with a car-sharing company.

The committee chairs presented basic facts about their committee and what they wanted to accomplish during the 99th session of the House.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the first day of the new Student Experience Committee. This committee was approved in the spring 2012 semester through the combination of the Student Relations and Campus Advancement committees.

Student Experience will deal with physical improvements to campus, services to students and residential life, Sharp said.

“It’s a new committee, but it has old foundation,” said Lauren Sharp, the Student Experience committee chair.

The Elections and Regulations committee will take on new challenges this year as well.

“It is going to be an extremely busy spring semester” with Student Body and Student Representative elections occurring in the same semester for the first time ever, said Jansen Harrison, the Elections and Regulations committee chair.

This committee has also been assigned with revising SGA’s suspended constitution, Harrison said.

The House also passed legislation in support of TCU’s new partnership with Zipcar, the car-sharing company that will allow students to rent cars for short periods of time.

SGA will now support “the marketing of Zipcar as the administration sees fit,” according to the language of the bill.

The legislation was introduced by Jansen Harrison, College of Communication Representative Emily Denney and Student Body President Brent Folan.

Zipcar emphasized that there was a five-week implementation period to bring the rental cars to campus, Folan said.

The bill’s proponents stressed that such marketing would raise awareness of the program’s availability and would not cost SGA anything.

Folan said he believed the initiative would rely on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as its sole form of marketing. 

The next SGA meeting will be on Sept. 18 from 5 to 7 p.m.