Stadium’s student section equipped to hold approx. half the student body, count shows


The newly renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium may only have room for 50 percent of 9,518 undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled according to a seating count done by TCU 360. 

TCU 360 counted a total of 4,772 seats – that is 228 fewer seats than the 5,000 seats Mark Cohen, director of athletics media relations, said had been set aside for students. Prior to the renovations at the stadium, as many as 6,000 seats were available for students

Seating at the stadium was an issue at the Frogs' home opener against Grambling State University on Sept. 8. The student section filled up shortly before kick-off, and students crowded into stairwells and jockeyed for seats as they tried to see the game.

"There were a lot of people in the stair area just sitting on the stairs," freshman nursing major Kelsey Hughes said.

After half-time the crowd became less dense, and students were able to find seats.

Marty Boughton, a freshman pre-business major, said she asked someone to save her a seat to ensure she had one. 

Brent Folan, student body president, said of Saturday’s seat situation that he was pleased with the turnout. He recommended students show up early, but to enjoy the tailgate before the game.

If overcrowding in the student section continues to be a problem it is unlikely any seats will be  added, Ross Bailey, associate athletics director for operations, said. Bailey said this will be a wait-and-see issue, one that will ultimately be decided by the chancellor, his cabinet and athletic officials.

TCU has the smallest stadium in the Big 12 and the fewest number of seats alloted to students. With 4,772 seats in the stadium, TCU 360 calculated the ratio of enrolled students to number of seats to be 19:10, meaning that for every 19 students, there are 10 seats. Other universities in the Big 12 have the following ratios, according to calculations by TCU 360:

Baylor – 3:2
Iowa State – 1:10
Kansas – 5:2
Kansas State – 12:5
Oklahoma – *
Oklahoma State – 7:10
Texas – 2:1

*The Oklahoma Athletics Department did not release student seating numbers to TCU 360. 

Kezhal Shah-Hoessini, Mike Zeko, Ryan West, Anjie Balla, Kristin Barnes, and Molly Jones contributed to this report.