Market Square now offering To-Go program


In previous years students looked for ways to sneak a sandwich or cereal from Market Square, but when a to-go program was officially instated, hardly anyone signed up, Michael Dahl, director of operations for TCU Dining Services, said. 

As of last week, about 30 students signed up for the to-go program in Market Square, Dahl said.           

Employees from TCU Dining Services began advertising for the program at the beginning of the school year with a booth set up in the Dee J. Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center during move-in day, Dahl said.

He said a sign-up booth was placed around Market Square and the BLUU to advertise for the program for the past two weeks. 

TCU Dining Services is trying to find better ways to market the to-go option to students, he said. Due to lack of popularity, Dahl said he has realized that marketing by email has not been adequate. 

“I think as soon as midterms get a little closer we expect the program to pick up,” Dahl said. 

Students pay $10 dollars per year for the program and get 20 to-go swipes per semester, he said.

Dahl said that unlike other universities, TCU's to-go program allows you to choose food from any part of the cafeteria, rather than a separate section. 

Students take a token to the food line of their choice, hand it to the server and they fill the box for you. You can then fill the rest of the box with any of the self-serve stations, Dahl said.

Maurilio Castorena, a first-year accounting and finance major, said he did not know about the program, but that it would be convenient for his busy days when he really needed to study.

"Sitting here in Market Square is really fun, but you have to study too," Castorena said.

First-year vocal music education major Lauren White said she would get the box at breakfast but spend her lunch hour eating in the BLUU. 

White said it is a good idea because sometimes she does not have time to come to Market Square to eat.

TCU Dining Services employees developed the program after conversations with the TCU Dining Committee as well as Housing and Residence Life last semester, Dahl said. They also researched other universities to-go options, he said.

Dahl said he would like to see 100-percent participation in the program soon so students could use their 20 swipes by the end of the semester, given that they do not roll over.