SGA considers naming TCU-Baylor rivalry


The TCU-Baylor rivalry may soon have an official name, Brent Folan told SGA during its meeting on Tuesday.

“I had a conference call with (Baylor’s) student body president today and we discussed what we want to name that game,” SGA president Brent Folan said to the House of Student Representatives on Tuesday. 

A name to the rivalry between TCU and Baylor will help create a culture behind the game, said Graham McMillan, SGA vice president of external affairs.

TCU Athletics supported the idea of giving the rivalry a name, Folan said.

Rivalry names are not unfamiliar to TCU or Baylor.  The TCU-SMU rivalry is named the "Battle for the Iron Skillet."  Baylor’s rivalry with Texas A&M was called the "Battle of the Brazos."

One of the potential names being considered was the "35-Divide," Folan said, in reference to the interstate highway between Fort Worth and Waco.

McMillan said he hopes for more student input before the House and Cabinet put support behind one name.

The goal is to collect three potential names through student opinion by Oct. 1 and then discuss narrowing down options from there with student government at Baylor, Folan said.

Folan said he hoped to have a popular vote between names selected by both schools to decide a final name for the rivalry.

“We’re hoping to get a corporate sponsorship and then a trophy,” Folan said. 

“You have your classic rivalries in college football and I think it’s important to have those staples,” McMillan said.

Folan said he and the Baylor student president were, for now, focused on deciding a name first.

SGA hopes to gather the support of student movements, such the Riot, to foster student participation in deciding a name for the rivalry, McMillan said. 

According to the TCU Football Fact Book, The TCU-Baylor football rivalry is tied with each school winning 50 times.  The series has 7 games that ended in a tie.  The 108th meeting of the rivalry will occur in Waco on Oct. 13.

The Oct. 13 matchup will also be the first time the rivalry will be in a conference game since 1995, when both TCU and Baylor were part of the Southwest Conference before it dissolved.

In the Tuesday SGA meeting, the House unanimously voted to approve a resolution honoring Gary Patterson as the winningest coach in TCU football history. 

The House also unanimously passed a bill allowing the Finance Committee to change the finance guidelines deadline in the Student Body Code.