Clark Hall’s Mary Ruth Jones celebrates 30th year working on campus

Clark Halls Mary Ruth Jones celebrates 30th year working on campus

Mary Ruth Jones, the Clark Hall office assistant, was surprised at what she saw when she came into work in the residence hall Wednesday morning.

Clark residents spent the night prior painting posters, hanging decorations and writing cards to congratulate Jones, a TCU class of 1958 alumna who is celebrating her 30th year working on campus.

“I had forgotten what my exact starting date was, so I didn’t have any idea!” Jones said.

Housing & Residence Life also hung a poster by Clark’s front desk with congratulatory messages from each hall director.

Clark resident assistant Jim Davis said everyone appreciated Jones and all she did  for Clark residents. Living in Clark for two years, he said Jones always asks students how class is going or how their day is when coming through the door.

“She’s like a hall mom," Davis said. "She’s the one that makes Clark run. But she’s also someone you can go to and ask questions because she’s so knowledgeable about TCU.”

Jones, who has been the office assistant in Clark for five years, said she loves working with first-year students and RAs.

About 20 of her 30 years at the university were spent working in the Housing Office as an administrative assistant, she said.

“Seven years ago I worked three years in Sherley as their Office Assistant, and then Sherley went down for renovation,” Jones said.  “Then I moved to Clark, which had been newly renovated.”

Desk assistants of Clark Hall offered to take over her shift Wednesday, and Housing & Residential Life took Jones out to lunch to celebrate.