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Delaney Vega, a TCU journalism junior, is painting a school in Belize. (Courtesy of Teja Sieber)
“The week of joy”: Christ Chapel College’s annual trip to Belize
By Ella Schamberger, Staff Writer
Published Apr 23, 2024
174 students, a record number, went on this year's trip.

Patterson on win: “It wasn’t pretty again.”

Patterson on win: It wasnt pretty again.

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson said the Horned Frogs' 27-7 win over Virginia on Saturday "wasn't pretty again." 

Here are some more highlights from Saturday's postgame press conference: 

Head Coach Gary Patterson

Opening Statement

“We found a way to get to 3-0. It wasn’t pretty again. This time it was mostly the offense’s fault, but we found a way to get 3-0. We got to learn not to block in the back. We probably would’ve had 120 yards in punt returns if we’d just done our job.”

On Pachall’s red zone interception:

“He should’ve thrown that away. He got banged around and I keep telling him that time clock needs to go off and you need to throw the ball away or he won’t last the season. It’s just plain and simple.”

On Brandon Carter’s performance:

“We knew he was an athletic guy. He needs to keep making plays. But he’s also the guy that slams the ball and gets us 15 yards and we don’t get a field goal. You got to do smart things.” 

On the loss of Waymon James:

“We just went on. We didn’t make a big deal of it. I mean nationally they made a big deal of it, but here we just went on with what we do.”

On how the team finished the game:

“One of the things I’ve been talking to the team about is I didn’t feel like we’ve been finishing practice. We gave up a fourth quarter touchdown, we let them drive the ball, gave up a couple big plays in the fourth. Offensively we kind of just shot ourselves in the foot. You’ve got to finish. So now I have a great teaching moment.”

Junior receiver Josh Boyce

On becoming the touchdown reception leader with 18 touchdowns:

“I’m glad I got it. I’m glad it’s out of the way now. We can play football. I don’t try to focus on it, but you know it’s still in the back of your mind. People telling me ‘you need one more’ and stuff like that.”

On turnovers:

“It’s kind of an issue because we know if we don’t get that cleaned up that could lose us a game.”

Sophomore receiver Brandon Carter

On the upcoming game against SMU

“Last year, if you know, that I missed the last catch, so I’m going to be coming in with the mindset of being ready for this game. It’s a big game for us. We got to take this game as we take any other game. We have to come in and play TCU football and we just got to stay focused.”


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