Milton Daniel Hall helps students register to vote


Milton Daniel Hall helped students register to vote in the upcoming elections with its "Rock the Vote" event on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Since the voter registration deadline is Oct. 9 for the state of Texas, events held by the university, such as Milton Daniel’s "Rock the Vote" registration, will help ensure students are prepared for upcoming elections.

Joanne Connor Green, associate professor and department chair of Political Science, said registration drives are essential because many first time voters do not know that they must register at least 30 days before election day.

“Having voter registration drives are very important, especially on college campuses,” Green said. “If you want your interests reflected in public policy, it is important to vote and stand for yourself and others like you."

Kate Phillips, a first-year neuroscience major, stopped by to see if she was registered to vote. Phillips said civic participation is necessary to make changes in society.

“We can’t complain and address problems in society if we aren’t willing to take action and do our part to get the right people who we think should be in office,” Phillips said.

Dara Fulton, a junior strategic communication major, helped students register at "Rock the Vote," and she said she believes it is important for students to get involved in voting.

“I think it is a really great opportunity for students to get involved in politics at a very young age, and really work to create that civic duty so you don’t get disenchanted by the end of it,” Fulton said.

Victoria Ferraro, a sophomore nursing major, also helped with "Rock the Vote." Ferraro said everyone has an opportunity to do something that some citizens of other countries cannot do. 

“I feel like we have an obligation as citizens to vote, and we have a great opportunity that a lot of countries don’t have,” Ferraro said. “So why not vote?”

To register to vote, or to find out more information, visit or