Waeger brings enthusiasm and knowledge to TCU swimmers

Andy Waeger, new assistant swimming coach, plans to bring his nine years of head coaching experience to the university's swim team.

Waeger said he operated a one-man show at his previous coaching job at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. The staff consisted of Waeger and some student assistants.

“It’s nice to be a part of a staff," Waeger said. "Being a part of the TCU brand is pretty exciting."

Head swimming and diving coach Richard Sybesma said he was excited for Waeger to come to the university and coach.

Waeger said he would be able to focus on the details, along with giving the swimmers the tips they need to be successful.

Waeger said he hoped to help the student athletes surprise themselves in recognizing their ability to swim fast and win this season.

Sybesma said Waeger brought enthusiasm and knowledge that would be beneficial to the team.

As a former student athlete, Waeger understood the level of commitment needed to be a successful student athlete, he said.

Waeger worked with 23 women in his previous job. He said he learned to suit all the needs of the swimmers by fitting practice times to their schedule.

Waeger said he learned time management from being a head coach.

“The experience [Waeger] brings is going to be new because he’s one of the more experienced coaches we’ve hired,” Sybesma said.

Swimmers under Waeger’s watch set multiple new records at each university. Swimmers broke 76 records at Lock Haven University while Waeger was head coach. At Slippery Rock University, the team broke eight school records.

Waeger described the university as having an “electric atmosphere.” He said he most looked forward to maintaining and increasing the university's brand with the Big 12 this year.

“[Waeger’s] just so excited to be here," Sybesma said. "He’s proud to be here.” 

Waeger’s wife, Kim, and 15-month old son, Aiden, still live in Pennsylvania because they have not sold their house yet and Kim was still looking for a job in Fort Worth.

“I am saving all the fun places to go [in Fort Worth] until my family gets here,” Waeger said.