SFA to begin filming student works

SFA to begin filming student works

The Student Filmmaker’s Association will begin shooting several films written by students this semester. 

Students within the association submitted scripts that were voted. The scripts that were chosen will be filmed throughout the semester. 

Grant Moore, a junior film-television-digital media major and a president of SFA, wrote one of the chosen scripts. He will also be directing the film. 

“I wrote my script pretty fast over the course of about four days,” Moore said. “It's a very short comedy script that was very easy to write because I feel it is so relatable.” 

Also the president of Senseless Acts of Comedy, the on-campus improv comedy troupe, Moore said he has experience in directing small comedy videos but looks forward to being in charge of a larger production. 

David Shaver, a philosophy and economics double major, wrote one of the other chosen scripts. Like Moore, he will also direct his film. 

“I started writing my script last semester,” said Shaver. “After a few drafts I set it aside for the summer because I liked it but thought it was missing [something].”

Shaver said he participated in writing groups that the association offers to edit his script and found that the workshops really helped his editing. 

“My script was workshopped and I made some big changes to it because of that,” Shaver said. “Writing is a process though so a script is never really finished until it's on-screen.”

SFA chooses several scripts to film every semester. At the end of the semester they host a premiere of the films that is open to all students.

Maddi Bruton, a president of SFA, says that the association is welcome to all majors and anyone who is interested in learning about the filming process. 

“The purpose of SFA is to promote knowledge and excellence in the fields of film, TV, & digital media while better preparing our members to enter careers in these fields,” said Bruton. 

Bruton said the association is hoping to enter their films in festivals around the world in upcoming semesters. 

SFA meets at 5 p.m. every Thursday in Moudy South 156. Past films can be viewed online at here.