Delta Gamma creates braille Bibles every week

Delta Gamma sorority members make braille Bibles once a week to bond and relax with their sorority sisters. 

“My favorite part about making the braille bibles is that after a long day or week of studying, you can come here, and we just talk about random things about what we’re going to wear for Halloween costumes, and just kind of hang out with our sisters, and just bond,” Kathlin Ardell, Delta Gamma Vice President of Foundation, said. 

Amanda Roberts, member of Delta Gamma, said the sorority started making braille Bibles last year to benefit their philanthropy, Service for Sight. 

Members gathered to make braille Bibles every other Wednesday night last year. Because the event was so popular, Delta Gamma now makes Braille Bibles every Thursday night, Ardell said.

“Because so many girls wanted to do it, and because we have such a small room and close quarters to work with, we decided to do it every week to accommodate all the girls," Ardell said. "Sometimes we do it on Saturdays for service hour opportunities."

Each week, about seven members of Delta Gamma meet at St. Paul Lutheran Church and form an assembly line to make the Bibles, Ardell said. They make seven books of the Bible each time they meet. 

Sarah Fuchs, member of Delta Gamma, said Bibles are made in different languages, and are then sent around the world to those with vision loss. The braille Bibles allow those without vision to still keep their faith. 

“I like to bind the whole Bible together, that’s my favorite station," Fuchs said. "But I also like that you can bond through it and you’re still spreading the word of God to others who may not be able to read it or access it otherwise."