TCU Bookstore to offer coffee, food samplings during Happy hour

Free coffee and pastry samples will be available at the TCU Bookstore during their new daily happy hour.

Happy hour will take place from 3 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Happy hour specials include samples of appetizers, pizza, new bakery items and even some soups.

In addition, free "tall" drinks will be available, including plain hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and cold tea.  

Llisa Lewis, store manager, said she wanted to accomplish two things with happy hour: to offer more opportunities for customers to sample food, and to dedicate certain days to promote new items. 

“I understand money is tight. Students need something. So I wanted to give back to the community with this happy hour,” Lewis said.

Students aren't the only ones taking advantage of happy hour. Since its inception, the bookstore is also seeing an influx of mothers with their children, who come to do homework.

“It is very beneficial and a great idea. It does cause some traffic at the bookstore because once you tell a friend, they tell a friend, so on and so on. But, we all do love free things,” Marie Holden, who works at the café, said.

Lana Makhzoumi, a freshman strategic communication major, said she did not know about happy hour, but now that she is aware she will stop by because this is such a great idea.

On Fridays, the bookstore posts their daily specials in the Skiff, and also have the 'item of the day' included in their monthly calendar.