Judicial board to decide on Folan’s status today

Judicial board to decide on Folans status today

The Student Government Association judicial board will meet at 3 p.m. to begin the impeachment proceeding against student body president Brent Folan, according to SGA Chief Justice Granger Talley.

The formal impeachment proceeding will be held in the SGA Chambers while witnesses will testify in the Acuff conference room in the Brown-Lupton University Union, Talley said. The proceeding is closed to the public, according to Student Body Code Title 5, chapter 2, subsection 204.

The motion to formally begin impeachment proceedings was made at the end of Oct. 30's SGA meeting by former SGA Representative Jordan Mazurek. The motion was signed by six student representatives, the minimum needed to initiate the process.

The justices will make a ruling immediately afterward and "most likely" make a statement, Talley wrote in an email.

Five justices, including the chief justice, will rule on the proceeding.

According to title 5, chapter 2, subsection 204 the proceeding will begin with an opening statement from each party that is allowed to last a maximum of five minutes.
Afterward, each party will be allowed to have witnesses testify. Each party can have up to three witnesses and each witness will have five minutes to make a statement.

After witness testimony, the justices will have a 20-minute period to ask questions to each party.

Following the question and answer session, each party will leave the hearing and the justices will deliberate and decide the case on a majority vote. In this case, three justices would make the majority vote.

After the justices reach a decision, the chief justice will notify all parties involved: SGA advisers, the student body president and the chairman of the Elections and Regulations committee.

According to the Student Body Code, if Folan is impeached, there are several sanctions he could face:

  • A warning
  • A term of probation
  • A fine
  • An injunction from performing or to perform a specific act related to the offense
  • Disqualification from holding a specific office
  • Removal from office or seat
  • A sanction to pay a fine may be imposed in addition to any other sentence