No formal investigation started on Clark Hall sexual assault


A formal investigation into a reported sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 27 at Clark Hall has not begun because the party involved has not spoken with police, according to TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee.

"Sometimes the victims don't want the police to investigate," McGee said. If TCU Police do not investigate, Campus Life may launch an investigation. 

Few specifics are known because the victim did not directly report the crime to TCU Police, McGee said. 

"Right now, we have very limited information," McGee said. "We are willing to investigate and if anybody has any information or if anybody wants to come talk to our police department or Fort Worth Police, we'd be more than happy to talk to them and launch an investigation."

As of now it is unclear how the assailant gained access to Clark Hall because he could have been a resident, McGee said. 

The assault was first reported on the TCU Police Daily Crime and Fire Log, and TCU Police sent an email to the student body Thursday at about 4 p.m. notifying students the assault had occurred. 

McGee said the crime alert email was delayed because they were trying to gather more information before notifying students. 

This is the second sexual assault to occur this semester. The first occurred on Sept. 9 at the GrandMarc and the investigation is ongoing

At this time last year, four assaults had occurred. 

Joshua Trant and Evan Recatune contributed to this report.