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TCU alumni connect with each other at Guy Fieri’s Dive & Taco Joint in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. on Friday Oct. 7, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Tristen Smith)
How TCU's alumni chapters keep the Horned Frog spirit alive post-grad
By Addison Thummel, Staff Writer
Published May 11, 2024
TCU graduates can stay connected with the Horned Frog community with alumni chapters across the nation.

Off the court, Delisa Gross expresses herself through writing

Off the court, Delisa Gross expresses herself through writing

Delisa Gross, a senior forward for the TCU women’s basketball team, spends hours each week preparing as one of the team's starting players. However, when she steps off the court she finds refuge in a different place. Sometimes, this place is one of her own creation.

“When I write, I write to get away to my own little world. It’s a release, so I separate it [from basketball],” Gross said.

Though Gross has been writing since she was a little girl, she said, it became more of a hobby for her when she was in high school. While others were texting under their desks, Gross was thinking of stories she would write later when she went home.

“I’m really big into fantasy…but I write about people I’ve met. Those are my characters,” Gross said.

Gross said she draws inspiration from her life experiences and the events happening around her. And her teammates have given her plenty to write about.

“Let’s just say we have a very interesting team. Everyone has their own personalities, which is a good thing because it would be boring otherwise,” Gross said.

Gross has created a new definition of "triple threat". She is a starting collegiate athlete planning to go to graduate school to work in speech pathology with children, while pursuing her pastime of creative writing. 

Gross said that although she enjoys writing and basketball, she loves kids even more. She hopes to use speech pathology to help those who struggle with speech  disabilities.

As for being published, Gross said she would like to look into hiring a literary agent after this season. For right now, though, basketball is her focus.

If you read about the last three seasons of Horned Frog women’s basketball, Gross' name will appear over and over. A three-year starter, she has continually proven herself as a consistent shooter, especially with her 18 points against Boise State last season, leading a win for the Frogs. One day, everyone could instead be reading something written by Gross, like the following passage:

“Slowly, he stood up to see Lauren walking towards him and for a moment, he froze, happy to be with her. Not a single thought crossed his mind as he stood on the lawn, unconcerned with tomorrow because right now was enough. Jason smiled as they embraced in a hug, unaware of what lay ahead but regardless of how difficult it may be, he was willing to try as long as she wanted to stay together. And even though the odds were not in their favor, he welcomed the challenge because that’s what made it worthwhile, always fighting without knowing how to win.”


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