Men’s basketball trails Cal Poly 21-20 at halftime

Cal Poly hit a bucket at the buzzer to take a 21-20 halftime lead over TCU.

The Frogs and Mustangs struggled offensively in the first half. The Frogs hit 36.4 percent of their shots in the first half. Amric Fields led the Frogs in scoring with 10 points. The Mustangs shot 33.3 percent fomr the field were led by Brian Bennett with 6.  

Cal Poly took the lead early and hung onto it until the 2:28 mark when TCU tied the game at 16-16. Reese Morgan hit a three pointer to give the Mustangs back the lead. Fields hit a lay-up on the ensuing possession to cut the lead to one. Garlon Green hit the final bucket of the half for the Frogs which was answered by a Cal Poly lay up at the buzzer.