Board of Trustees members share vision of expanding campus


Board of Trustees members discussed their vision for the campus’ future layout in a closed meeting with student representatives from Intercom on Friday.

This included expanding student housing and increasing study spaces on the east side of campus.

Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor for student affairs, said the board supports Chancellor Boschini’s vision to eventually house 100 percent of students or as many who are willing to live on campus. A board member said new housing plans would add 1,200 beds which he said would bring a 40 percent increase of students living on campus.

Cavins-Tull said she believed juniors and seniors have become disconnected from the campus and hoped the increase of housing would promote school spirit. Along with projects in the Greek and Worth Hills, the board planned to expand housing on the east side.

The new housing project will include apartment style living, Cavins-Tull said, to accommodate those who do not want a roommate. The board also discussed renovating Colby Hall in 2014.

The east side will become a very prominent part of campus, Jan Ramsey, an alumni association representative, said. As the library undergoes renovations and the Intellectual Commons begin to take shape, the board said they hope to increase library seating from the current 800 capacity to 2,000.

Students will soon see pipes and sewers being installed in the east campus area in preparation for new study spaces, Cavins-Tull said.

In response to a student leader’s concern over campus dining, Cavins-Tull said the board also planned on designing meal plans that corresponded with students’ academic year.

She also said a committee to oversee the renovation of the Daniel Meyer Coliseum has been established.