Our view: Go vote in the SGA election; make your voice heard


This semester, students have demonstrated an unprecedented interest in the actions of the administration, the student government association, Intercom and even student media.

Many students wish they played a more active role in the happenings at TCU–and we saw that interest in action when more than 60 students crowded into the Oct. 30 House of Representatives meeting. Between Intercom’s structure, tuition increase and Cabinet’s discretionary spending, students have one increasing demand: transparency.

Chancellor Victor Boschini initially impressed us with his transparency during February's drug arrests. He held a press conference and agreed to multiple interviews as the days followed. He had a candid interview for an Image Magazine article and recently held a town hall meeting to show students how tuition is distributed.
Both SGA presidential candidates have promised more transparency if elected. We hope whoever wins will take a lesson from a man who works closely with them. If the new president accepts this challenge, we hope that you can pride yourself in voting in this year’s election.

Last year’s SGA presidential elections only garnered votes from 26 percent of the student body, a mere 2,200 out of 8,229 undergraduate students, according to a November 2011 TCU 360 article. Considering the elections determine the “face of the student body” for the upcoming academic year, a sense of involvement and care among students is vital in making sure the best possible leader is elected, based on student opinion.

As students, we are always seeking to improve the environment around us. Electing a president that we believe will listen to our concerns is crucial in initiating our ideas. Things can only be changed if we actively look for a way to change them – they cannot be changed by complacently complaining.

A sense of urgency needs to be established if the student body wants their voices to be heard, and one of the best ways to exercise that is by participating in the SGA elections.
Vote as you like. Vote for the candidate who has solutions for the problems most important to you. Vote for the candidate who you believe cares most about your concerns and will serve as a worthy voice for you and your peers as a whole.
We at TCU 360 offer no endorsements for any particular candidate – we just want you to vote.

During this election, TCU360 hopes to help students make the most informed decision. While some may feel student media thrives on the university’s negative events, our main concern is only to provide an outlet for students to obtain the facts and foster dialogue.

After all, we are Frogs too. We are students who love the university and wear purple with pride. We cheer on the Horned Frogs at football games and are involved in other organizations on campus.

This student election, take the opportunity to actively participate in student government, and vote for the candidates who will represent your voice and and will help improve the university.

The time to take action is now – Go vote!


The editorial board is composed of the top editors at TCU 360 who represent a variety of experiences and viewpoints on campus. One of their responsibilities is to write TCU 360’s “Our View” column, which is operated separately from news coverage and seeks to reflect their invested, comprehensive opinions regarding the issues at hand.

Lexy Cruz, executive editor
Emily Atteberry, news director
Liliana Lamas, news director
Taylor Prater, visuals director