SGA Election: Students speak up about how they voted


This year’s Student Government Association election only brought out 33 percent of the student body, but those who did had much to say about whom they chose and why they chose them.

After the election on Tuesday, senior political science major Joshua Simpson was voted the new SGA President, succeeding current Student Body President Brent Folan.

Junior psychology major Kacie Kubik said she voted for Simpson this year to get more involved in what is happening on campus.

“I just did not like the way the statue ordeal happened,” Kubik said. “I had listened to Simpson speak and he seemed down-to-earth and knowledgeable about the SGA.”

Another student who voted for Simpson was Steven Veteto, a film, television and digital media major.

“I voted for him because I think he’s a decent guy and I agree with his vision for what the future of SGA should be,” Veteto said.

In addition to voting for Simpson, Veteto thought the “comeback team” who consisted of Lauren Sharp, Graham McMillan and Simpson, did a great job of working together.

“Using the label ‘the comeback team’ was a great way of reaching more people and it worked,” Veteto said.

But unlike Veteto and Kubik, junior film, television, and digital media major Maddi Bruton voted for current SGA President, Folan.

“Simpson couldn’t list things he wanted to improve or his goals for TCU in the upcoming semester,” Bruton said. “Folan, on the other hand, showed that he listens to the concerns of the students, has lots of school spirit and I thought that he served well.”

Bruton also voted for Sharp, one of the candidates on “the comeback team” because of how she wanted to improve student life.

“Sharp explained some of her goals, including getting printers in all the residence halls and exemplifying that she is focused on the students’ wants and needs,” Bruton said.