Graduating senior heads to medical school

Graduating senior heads to medical school

Renee Rosati is preparing to graduate in December and has already been accepted into medical school. She accomplished all of this in just two and a half years.

The senior Spanish major and biology minor said medical school had always been an option in the back of her mind while growing up. Rosati said she remembers seeing newborn babies at the hospital as a child, and thinking of how great it would be to be a doctor.

Rosati said she has participated in numerous medical mission trips around the world, which influenced her decision to go to medical school. 

“Being a doctor is a useful skill anywhere in the world,” said Rosati. “I feel it’s a great way to reach out to people who are impoverished, knowing that someone educated cares about them and wants to help.”

Rosati said she applied to medical schools this past summer while studying abroad in Argentina. She decided to study at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in South Carolina, beginning this July.

She said she chose the school because the staff was helpful during the application process, even while she was abroad. She said she applied "early decision", which means one applies to only one medical school.

Nick Rosati, Rosati’s older brother, said that she was always a great student while growing up. He said he is happy for her successes.

Dr. Shauna McGillivray, an assistant professor of biology, said from the first time she met Rosati it was clear that she had an idea of what she wanted to do.

McGillivray and Rosati worked together in the biology lab, and McGillivray said she wrote a letter of recommendation for Rosati.

“She is a bright and energetic woman,” said McGillivray. “She is going to do really well with whatever she chooses to do in the future.”

Rosati said after graduation she plans on traveling the world until she begins medical school in July. She has signed up for a semester at sea, a study abroad program for post-graduate students, and will visit 14 different countries during the trip.

Looking back on her time as a Horned Frog, Rosati said she will never forget her friends, teachers and experiences that helped shape her future.

Rosati said she doesn’t like thinking about leaving the university.  When people ask why she wants to leave college early, she replies that she has at least eight more years of school to complete, so it’s a realistic decision.