Patterson on penalties: “Can’t talk about it,” “I get in trouble for complaining”


Following a 24-17 season finale loss to the Oklahoma Sooners, TCU head coach Gary Patterson said he would not talk about officiating.

Some controversial calls were made during the game, including a Jaden Oberkrom field goal which the referees ruled no good.

"[Referee] said it wasn't good," Patterson said of the field goal. "I'll look at the tape tomorrow. I won't be very happy if it was good. I get in trouble for complaining. I'll watch it, and then I'll protest it."

Here are some more highlights and quotes from the rest of Patterson's conference:

On officiating and penalties:
"Can't talk about it. Shouldn't have given up easy touchdowns. We had a chance to go on fourth down, but then had to try the field goal."

*TCU had a 4th and 4 opportunity before a five yard penalty forced the special teams unit to come out on the field. Referees ruled Jaden Oberkrom missed the 32-yard kick.

Patterson refused to talk in detail about the final call, which was a holding penalty on Blaize Foltz to negate a potential game-tying Trevone Boykin touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

"That might have been the only holding penalty all game," Patterson said, before waiting for a new question.

On TCU's season-long performance in the Big 12:
"I think the perception has changed. We lost an overtime game to Texas Tech, and we played a quarterback who was practicing as a running back all week in another loss. We played Kansas State well."

"What I told them in the locker room is that we need to keep getting better. We'll probably be playing a Big Ten team in a bowl game and we need to find a way to get to eight wins. We have a chance to get stronger, get healthier and do well in finals. We need to do what good programs do."

On his young team:
"I'm not upset with them. This is like a 13-0 season with all the things they've gone through this year. A lot of this hasn't been their fault. They've been able to handle the challenge."

"They fought their tails off and they're going to be here for the next three years."

On Oklahoma's performance:
"They have a good football team, they were playing for a BCS spot. We had them at home, and we didn't do a lot, especially on third down. We got some big plays, but we allowed them short fields. Defensively, I thought they played well."

"Really, the play that broke our back was giving up an easy touchdown on 3rd and 25 right before the half. For that, you have to be kidding me. Those things shouldn't happen. We should have held them to a field goal."

"They did a great job of not allowing [Boykin] to scramble."

On Joel Hasley seeing more time:
"He just had a better day at practice. The guys who played most were our two strong safeties. Derrick Kindred and Sam Carter were like our two linebackers."

On quarterback accuracy:
"I think you just saw two good defenses. The windplayed a little part of a part of the game. The winds blew against Texas Tech, but that didn't slow anybody down."

"There was a lot of coverage changes and different blitzes by both teams."

"Fun is not about yardage. Fun is about the W-I-N."

On what bowl game TCU expects to play in:
"If I was a betting man, I'd say Houston or Phoenix. But I'm not, so I can't."

*Houston is the home of the Meineke Car Care Bowl and Tempe, Ariz. is the home of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.