New studio designed and built by professor


A new production studio for film-television-digital media majors opened in Moudy South 188.

Unable to always film on location for his production classes, Greg Mansur, an associate professor of FTDM, said he realized that a new space on campus was needed for FTDM students to get the most out of their classes.

The studio, designed and built by Mansur, features windows, stairs, couches, chairs, a bedroom, a kitchen table and a fire place.

“I decided I wanted to create a set that was as close to a real home environment as possible, but in the studio,” Mansur said.

Studio production began in 2010 when Mansur presented the idea to David Whillock, dean of the College of Communication.

Whillock said he approved the project because both he and Mansur agreed the new studio would give students a real-life experience of working on a film set, an experience they need before graduating and working in the film industry.

“Unless I physically cannot do it, in other words there is no money, I will always give Greg what he asks for because I know it will help the students move forward with their careers,” Whillock said.

Michael Martin, a colleague of Mansur’s in the FTDM department, said he believes a wide range of students would benefit from the studio.

For example, students from the theater department have been asked to perform in productions by the FTDM students. By doing this, they also gain acting experience for themselves, Martin said.

“Greg really goes the extra mile to make sure the kids work with true actors or people who want to be actors,” Martin said. “The trade off is those people get to use the finished product on their [resume].”

“It is important to create possibilities and opportunities for students,” Mansur said. “It demonstrates the department’s commitment to making their education experience as high quality as possible.”

Daniel Floren, a senior FTDM major, took Mansur’s Video 1 class and used the studio to work on several projects for the class.

“He gives us experience,” Floren said. “He gets our hands on professional equipment and software, teaches us how to use that equipment and software and pushes us to work hard at making concrete, fully realized projects.”

Floren said the studio is a treasure to the film department that offers professional equipment, which gives students the experience they need to be successful after graduation.

“So many films and TV shows are shot on studio spaces,” Floren said. “It is an invaluable skill for filmmakers to know the benefits and limitations of shooting in a studio.”

Mansur plans to add a realistic door step and new backgrounds for the windows. He said that the set will continue to be a work in progress to keep up with the needs of the students.