‘Improper connection’ leads to release of ‘sewage discharge’ from locker room at Amon G. Carter Stadium


Between 6,000 and 22,000 gallons of “sewage discharge” leaked from the football locker room at Amon G. Carter stadium into a nearby creek before the university fixed the problem Friday.

The leak had been ongoing since July 25, 2012, according to a report from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Based on data provided by the University to the TCEQ, 22,000 gallons of “sewage discharge” were released.

That figure was scaled down Monday to 6,000 gallons in a statement from TCU Director of Communications Lisa Albert.

Albert’s e-mail also clarified the type of “sewage discharge” as being mostly “grey water” from sinks and showers, with a small amount being black water from sewage. Albert wrote in the e-mail that all of the discharge was diluted through the water in the storm drains before it reached the creek.

The TCEQ’s report cites the cause of the leak as a sewer line that was accidentally connected to a storm drain when renovations were made to the locker room at Amon G. Carter stadium this summer. As of Friday, the line had been reconnected to the proper line.

Albert released a statement late Friday afternoon saying the university self-reported the incident to the proper authorities, and that there did not appear to have been any harm to water quality or eco-life.

UPDATE: 2/1/12 2:43 CDT – This story and it's headline were updated to clarify that the "sewage discharge" came from the football locker room at Amon G. Carter Stadium