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    Student forum bill and House organization drives second SGA meeting


    A bill passed Tuesday night at the Student Government Association meeting that allows students to speak directly to members of the House of Student Representatives about any TCU-related topic at the beginning of each meeting.

    SGA members also discussed ways to make the organization more action driven.

    In an attempt to achieve inclusiveness and transparency, SGA members heard and passed a bill to make the unofficial speaker’s forum an official part of SGA proceedings.

    "We are hoping to formalize this, and make it something we can talk about to students," Luke Harville, speaker of the house, said.

    Students have an outlined process for speaking to the House. Students can talk about any topic for five minutes, and the forum will be closed after fifteen minutes, according to the legislation.

    “It gives us something to direct our constituents to,” Brock Boren, College of Science and Engineering representative, said.

    SGA members also broadly discussed their plans as an organization at the end of the meeting.

    "Let's do something that makes SGA more streamlined, more effective and more useful for students," Student Body President Josh Simpson said.

    House members voiced concerns that SGA has not been able to put some of their goals into action.

    “I think we have a lot of visionaries in the House that have all of these great ideas but don’t know how to go about doing them,” Caroline McKee,AddRan College of Liberal Arts representative, said.

    Simpson also asked representatives to think about SGA’s purpose and come to the next meeting with written plans for action.

    “If we don’t start doing something new, I don’t think we are going to become the influential organization that I think we want to be,” he said.