College Student for a Day collaborates with minority high school conference

College Student for a Day and the Minority Student Leadership Conference are giving local low-income high school students the opportunity to have a college experience.

College Student for a Day joined the Minority Student Leadership Conference to create a more diversified program this Friday for high school students than in previous years, Jacqueline Hunt, a committee member and sophomore entrepreneurial management major, said.

TCU’s MSLC is a one-day college access seminar for high school sophomores and juniors, where students engage in workshops, group sessions and a campus tour.

“Most of the students who are brought in are from the minority groups of different high schools,” Hunt said. “ We are to trying to encourage the students who might not be as likely to go to college when they graduate.”

Freshmen athletic training major Briyet Sigala said that local students will have the opportunity to come and learn about financial aid, different opportunities that a college offers, how they can get involved and the different resources they have.

Sigala said this gives them the opportunity to show students that money is not an obstacle and there are resources like financial aid to help them pursue higher education.

Sophomore social work major Jhala Criss said that she can relate to the MSLC participants.

“Just a few years ago I was in the same place the MSLC participants are in," Criss said. "I did not come from the best school, and I would’ve never thought I’d actually end up at TCU. But after spending time on campus and getting to sit in classes and get the whole college experience, I knew that this is where I wanted to be and that I could get there if I worked hard.”

Hunt said the programs are not recruiting students for TCU, but instead are meant to encourage students to attend college in general.

College Student for a Day is looking for more mentors who are willing to participate in the upcoming events, Hunt said.

“We want TCU students who would be able to represent TCU well and help encourage students to go to college,” Hunt said.

Students can apply to be mentors for the program via TCU OrgSync.