Salsa Limón to open new location

Salsa Limón is now bringing its street taco talents to University Drive.

After serving late-night Mexico City style tacos on Berry Street and its famous “el capitán” at the Fort Worth Food Truck Park, Salsa Limón has decided to open up a third location. However, it will not be as mobile as the others.

Both the Berry Street location and the Food Truck Park on Weisenberer Street are operated out of mobile trucks. The new place of residence, on the corner of University Drive and Morton Street, is an actual building.

This could be largely due to the ever-increasing popularity of the West 7th/ Cultural District area that serves “Cultural District visitors, local residents, TCU students, Central Business District and medical center employees,” as stated on West 7th Street’s website.

Salsa Limón appeals to 109 residents in part to the moment when Ramiro Ramirez, owner and operator of Salsa Limón, decided to open a food truck directly across the street from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

Running from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m., Salsa Limón’s tacos, tortas and burritos were an instant hit with the TCU-area crowd. 

John Vick, a senior Communications major at TCU, said Salsa Limón is the definite go-to place for university students, whether it be a breakfast taco before class or an “el capitán” after a long night at The Aardvark.

“Now that I live off campus, 7th Street is where I find myself ending up on weekends,” Vick said. “When Salsa Limón opens, I will absolutely be there.”

Construction is underway at the new location. Check on Salsa Limón’s Facebook page or website for any updates.