Weekly Lenten Lunches bible study offered to students


Four students and four faculty members met Wednesday in Jarvis for a lunchtime book discussion of James Bryan Smith’s "The Good and Beautiful Life: Putting on the Character of Christ Just in Time for Lent."

The group studied the first chapter of the book, created guiding principles for discussion and talked about the content of the 12 meetings. They will meet once a week for the remainder of the semester to discuss the book.

Some topics of discussion for the study will be lying, anger, lust, vanity, worry and judgment.

First-year social work major Hannah Canterbury said she saw the Lenten Lunches as a way to nurture her spirituality.

"I recently declared a religion minor and wanted to participate in an activity that would help guide my faith and spirituality week by week," she said.

The tone of the lunch was not completely serious; one member of the group joked about why she was there.

“I came because Olivia promised me soup, and she delivered,” Mary Kate Thompson, a first-year political science and philosophy double major, said.

Following introductions, interim Disciples of Christ Campus Minister Olivia See explained why "The Good and Beautiful Life" was chosen.

“The book is the second part of a series by James Bryan Smith and was chosen because part of Lent is reflecting on living the life God is calling us to,” See said.

Each week members will have homework to complete and prepare for the next week. Wednesday’s homework was a letter to God.

The lunches, sponsored by TCU’s Religious and Spiritual Life, will continue until the end of the semester. Soup will be served weekly at noon on Wednesdays in the Religious and Spiritual Life conference room on the first floor of Jarvis. All students are invited to show up and join the discussions.