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Intercom plans to start drug and alcohol awareness campaign

Members focused on planning as well as brainstorming ideas for a drug and alcohol campaign during the Intercom meeting Thursday.

“Today we really just did a lot of planning about what we want to do for the rest of the semester," Intercom member Darius Thompson said. "We talked about some possible situations and events that we would want to address [and] issues that students are having on campus.”

Thompson, who represents Fraternity and Sorority Life for Intercom, said there are plans to have speakers and presenters at the meetings to speak on certain topics in the future.

Paige Wells, who schedules meetings and heads discussions as the Intercom convener, said they discussed ways to facilitate a drug and alcohol campaign on campus this semester through Housing & Residence Life.

Wells said the group members thought working with Housing & Residence Life would be a good way to get started as far as reaching students about the issue of drug and alcohol use on campus.

Intercom members said they wanted to bring awareness to these issues on campus.

“All we talked about was building awareness for drug and alcohol issues on campus. We just talked about different ways to spread awareness on campus about issues pertaining to that,” Intercom member Miles Davison said, “We all decided to use our circle of influence, people we’re connected to, to try to put on programs [and] individual things like that.”

Davison also said it was a quick meeting and that the group talked about the future as far as meeting times and when the Board of Trustees meeting will be held.

Wells said they also discussed stress management and other things that have a potential role in drug and alcohol problems among students. She said they plan to discuss this further at the next meeting.

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