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A TCU student reaches for a Celsius from a vending machine- a refreshing boost amidst a hectic day of lectures and exams. (Kelsey Finley/Staff Writer)
The caffeine buzz is a college student's drug
By Kelsey Finley, Staff Writer
Published Apr 18, 2024
College students seem to have a reliance on caffeine to get them through lectures and late night study sessions, but there are healthier alternatives to power through the day.

    SGA plans meet and greet on campus


    Student Government Association members plan to make visits to TCU organizations as part of a new SGA campaign to improve representation.

    Representatives plan to explain how to get funding for an organization, encourage students to run in Student Government Association elections and ask what SGA can do to help their organization, Graham McMillan, student body vice president for external affairs, said.

    "The purpose of this month is to get out to organizations and really push SGA," Lauren Sharp, student vice president for operations, said.

    This month of outreach is called SGA’s March on Campus and will begin Friday, Sharp said.

    SGA members hope to help students feel better represented, Student Body President Joshua Simpson said.

    "It's our duty to make sure everyone is represented to their full amount," McMillan said.

    McMillan said he plans to assign representatives anywhere from one to three organizations to visit sometime in March.

    During the SGA meeting Tuesday evening, he gave representatives an agenda of important points to discuss with their assigned organizations such as funding.

    Organizations that need help with funding can apply for organizational funding through the House. There is $30,000 a year in this fund, according to the agenda.

    Representatives should also ask the organization’s members for ideas on how to better represent their organization or help university in general, McMillan said.

    McMillan also said he plans to hold House members accountable if they do not meet with their organizations.

    He created a form for SGA members to explain their experience with the organization and list any ideas SGA could work on, he said.

    Representatives are required to complete the form by March 31, McMillan said.

    Other important items from the SGA meeting:

    • House unanimously adopted a resolution to implement a temporary online system for reserving Frog Pods in the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

    According to the library website, "Frog Pods are semi-enclosed study areas where three or more students can come together to plan, study, review and prepare for tests and group projects/presentations.”

    • House also adopted a resolution via a vocal vote to research the implementation of a safe ride program at the university. Some members voted against the resolution, but it passed.

    • Simpson announced that there has been progress in building the student memorial. The memorial may be completed by the end of the semester, he said.