Multiple sexual assaults reported on campus


TCU officials are looking into allegations of two separate sexual assaults, according to the TCU Police Daily Crime and Fire Log

The most recent report of sexual assault was made on Saturday in Waits Hall, and is currently under judicial review. 

According to TCU Police, the other sexual assault report was made Thursday, but the incident is said to have happened on Nov. 26 2012 in Britain Hall, one of the six buildings that make up the Tom Brown/Pete Wright apartments.

Judicial review means that criminal charges are not being pressed, and instead the Office of Campus Life will be handling the disciplinary process. Judicial review is a new term implemented by the Clery Center for Security on Campus to identify crimes that occur on campus.

These are the second and third sexual assaults to be reported this semester. Students and faculty did not receive notices of any of them because there was not a continuing threat to campus, according to TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee.