Leaky valve at intersection stops, expected to be for good

A water leak that lasted for over two weeks finally stopped, but there are no plans to fix it permanently anytime soon. 

“The valve needs to be replaced, but it’s too complicated because it will cut off service to too many people,” said Fort Worth Water Department spokesperson Mary Gugliuzza.

The Water Department shut off the valve because of construction further down Park Hill Drive. Once the construction was finished, they reopened it and the leak stopped.

Officials are not overly concerned about replacing the old valve, however.

“It should only leak when the valve is closed,” Gugliuzza said. “There are no plans for replacement because there are no plans to turn the valve off again soon.”

“I drove past that intersection almost everyday for over two weeks and saw it leaking,” University Drive resident Matt Giordano said. “It stopped one morning, but by the afternoon it was back to leaking.”

Gugliuzza said the “field guys” told her that there was no way to stop the leak until they could turn the valve on.

Sophomore engineering major Connor McGinley said he thinks the valve should be replaced.

“If it’s an old valve and it leaks, you should replace it,” McGinley said. “Either that or they should have stopped construction, turned the valve back on, and figured out another way to continue it without the valve leaking.”

Texas is in a drought currently, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. McGinley said he was concerned about the lack of action especially considering the dry conditions that have defined the state over the past several years.

“I can’t imagine how much water was wasted because of how long it went on,” McGinley said. “Temporarily shutting power off is a small price to pay to save water in a drought.”

TCU sophomore Ryan Oehmke said he understands the Water Department’s predicament.

“They were kind of between a rock and a hard place,” Oehmke said. “I’m just glad the leak stopped.”

To report a leak or to find out more about the Fort Worth Water Department, visit its website.