McMillan: “I’m just a person who models”

McMillan: Im just a person who models

Graham McMillan’s adventure into modeling started when a woman stopped him in the mall and asked him if he knew how to tie a bowtie.

He said yes and discovered the woman was a fashion show producer. She asked the junior political science major to consider modeling, and he said he decided to try it out.

“I don’t want people to think I’m some conceited model,” McMillan said. “I’m not a model that’s a person, I’m just a person who models.”

McMillan, who is also the Student Government Association vice president for external affairs, said he does not want to be known for modeling.

“I don’t really consider myself a model,” he said. “I just do it on the side.”

McMillan said he has done a bridal show as well as an H&M and Forever 21 show in Grapevine, Texas.

More recently, McMillan modeled MAC Cosmetics’ new line called “Archie’s Girls.”

The classic “Archie” comics inspired the line, according to the MAC website.

McMillan said he was one of three models hired to play the main characters from the comic at a MAC location.

He said he had to dye his hair red to be Archie.

“I would walk up to girls and ask them if they were Betty or Veronica,” he said.

Then he would bring over the other two women modeling Betty and Veronica to take pictures with customers, he said. Betty and Veronica are two characters from the comics.

McMillan said he has another show with Forever 21 and H&M on March 23.

The last show McMillan did with the two companies was his favorite so far, he said. He was asked to model luxury retail, including a jacket over $1,000, he said.

“I was really afraid to put it on because I was scared I would spill something on it or rip it or something,” he said.

The fashion show, along with other shows McMillan has worked, was a freelance modeling job. He said he has not tried to get signed by an agency.