Intercom gathers briefly to plan next meeting

Members of Intercom met for a brief 25 minutes Thursday night to discuss issues that they would like to bring up at the next meeting.

“Today’s meeting was really setting the stage for our next meeting, where every member is given the opportunity to address some areas of concern under their umbrella,” transfer student representative Mark Filus said.

Filus said he mentioned issues with out-of-state transfer students receiving on-campus housing.

“Last fall, we had a ton of students that were out-of-state students that were accepted through admissions to TCU, but had no housing. So during the first week of school, they were on the wait list and that was a really big issue,” Filus said.

Wells said members also discussed ways to enable more students to be leaders on campus. She said many students want the chance to be leaders, but there aren't enough leadership positions.

Wells, who is also the Religious & Spiritual Life representative, said she proposed the creation of a larger space for TCU’s religious groups to meet.

“Especially with TCU growing so much, all of our religious groups are growing, so we want to be able to have a space that can allow that whole group to meet somewhere that can be a worship space,” Wells said. “We do have a meditation room in the Religious & Spiritual Life building, but it can probably hold 20 people max, so I was proposing that there was somewhere where all of our student religious groups could go and meet.”

Sophomore supply and value chain management major Ken Nhan said members of Intercom briefly reflected on the topic from last meeting, which was drug and alcohol abuse.

“We did mention bringing some of our ideas that we discussed in the meeting to the Drug and Alcohol Center and maybe kind of help them with some new ideas that they might not think of,” Nhan, the International Student Association representative, said.

The date of the Board of Trustees meeting that was undecided at the last meeting will be in April, Wells said.