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    Campus officials report more marijuana findings

    Some students are suggesting the rise in recorded findings of marijuana in dorm rooms is a sign that the February 2012 drug bust prompted officials to be more vigilant.

    However, TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said the rise has more to do with how information is reported under the Clery Act, a federal law which mandates the reporting of crime on college campuses.

    As of April 5, there have been 15 instances of marijuana found on campus this semester. There were no reports made during the fall semester or during the entire 2011-2012 academic year.

    “Before, [the Clery Act] just wanted crime that we’re arresting people for. Now, they want us to report everything that requires judicial review,” McGee said.

    He also said the police department does not conduct administrative searches. Rather, the Office of Campus Life and residence hall directors conduct the searches.

    “[The increase of searches] might not be related to the drug arrests. It could also be that the hall directors are more vigilant [and] the RAs are more vigilant,” he said.

    If drugs are found, they are turned over to the university police, McGee said.

    Dean of Campus Life Karen Bell Morgan said hall directors might have a heightened sense of awareness concerning drugs compared to previous semesters.

    Junior music performance major Danielle Bishop said she thinks campus officials are probably more aware of drug use.

    “Because of the drug bust thing, they’re probably more aware and investigating and looking into things more, so maybe that’s why they found more marijuana,” she said.

    Sophomore music education major Haley Houk said she thinks more college students smoke marijuana than most people realize.

    “I’m sure that there are plenty more people who [smoke marijuana], but ever since all these events and occurrences, [administration] is checking on it more,” she said.

    McGee said the university police department is doing its best to inform to be transparent and inform the university of crime.

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