Intercom meets with Board of Trustees two days in a row

The Board of Trustees met with the members of Intercom regarding important decisions about TCU’s campus and student-life on Thursday and Friday. 
On Thursday morning, Student Government Association president Josh Simpson presented a “student report” to the board, outlining issues that SGA and Intercom felt were important on campus.

The majority of Simpson's report consisted of findings from the diversity commission's report, Intercom convener and junior English major Paige Wells wrote in an email.

Wells wrote that she thinks the board was happy with students’ desire for greater diversity on campus.

In addition to Intercom’s presentation, students who participated in alternative spring break trips offered through the university shared their experiences, she wrote. 
These were students who went on trips to Nicaragua, Peru and Scotland through various organizations on campus, Josh Simpson explained.

The board also discussed drug and alcohol use on campus, Simpson said.

Following the meeting, the board met privately to discuss Intercom’s presentation and other topics of interest on campus.

"The trustees were really impressed with Josh's report and didn't have any further comments other than that it was an excellent presentation," Wells wrote.

The following day, Intercom and the board met again for lunch to discuss the board’s decisions and to engage in open discussion between board members.  
During the lunch, "The board let us know that during their meeting they approved renovations for Beasley Hall and 200 new parking spaces on the east side of campus to be ready for the fall," Wells wrote.

In addition, Wells said, the board decided to remove the admission requirement of a 60 percent in-state and 40 percent out-of-state student ratio in order to promote a more diverse student body. 
"They also told us that the university will continue to focus on adding more student housing on campus," she said. 
Transfer students representative and senior supply chain management major Mark Filus said the board also discussed balancing the male to female ratio on campus, as well as increasing diversity within the Board of Trustees. 
Filus said the board was very receptive to their ideas and encouraged honest feedback from the students.