“TCU Facts” down after offensive tweet


TCU Facts, a parody Twitter account, was deleted Monday evening after followers objected to a tweet about the Boston Marathon bombings.

The tweet, “Heard the Boston Marathon was a real blast this year. #toosoon #dontevencare #hornyforlife,” cost the account almost 100 followers in 30 minutes.                         this is an image

Followers, many of whom identified themselves as TCU students, expressed their disgust with the tweet and made it clear that the tweet did not represent the university.




Before deleting the account, TCU Facts apologized:




Bradley Hardcastle, a sophomore journalism major and reporter for TCU 360, said he and another person, whom he would not identify, created the account in May 2012. He said he did not want to identify who wrote the tweet.

“I didn’t tweet this,” he said. “I would never personally post something like that.”

He also said the account was created in good fun. He said that the only reason he could think that someone would post the tweet was to get a reaction.

This story was updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 1:07 p.m.