Final MFA thesis on display in Moudy Gallery


Allie Regan's exhibit "Point of View" is on display this week in the Moudy Gallery as the Master of Fine Arts graduating senior thesis exhibits come to a close. 

The installation features self-portraits that the senior painted from the perspective of other people. Most of Regan's work is about herself and her three siblings.

The exhibit includes eleven oil paintings that are for sale. The pieces range from $800 to $3,500. It also includes four steel boxes with clay sculptures of animals in them. There are holes cut in the steel boxes to view the sculptures. These pieces are $300 each. 

"All the animals in the boxes are burrowing animals," Susan Harrington, a university art professor, said. "It is a metaphor; they hide from things as a protective measure."

Regan lived in Iran for three years. While she was there she became interested in the idea of how people cover themselves. She said people in the United States do the same thing but that it is not as obvious. The aspects she picked up are showcased in her work.

Regan said it took her two semesters to complete all the pieces in the exhibit. Her favorite piece is titled "Rabbit," which depicts herself wearing a big brown jacket with a fur hood.

Janna Franzwa Canard worked with Regan for 15 years at Main Station Advertising.

"I have gotten to see her progress in art, and it's just amazed me to see how she has gone from where she started to now," Canard said. 

Regan is competing in The Hunting Art Prize competition in Houston this year. Her submitted piece was one of top 100 finalists that were selected by a jury. The annual competition is organized by Hunting LPC, an international oil services company. 

The work of all finalists will be exhibited and available for purchase at the Hunting Art Prize Gala May 4, 2013. The grand prize for the event is $50,000, the largest award for painting and drawing in North America.