Opinion: Be happy for Jason Collins regardless of beliefs

Opinion: Be happy for Jason Collins regardless of beliefs

Jason Collins did something he had wanted to do for a long time Monday.

Play a round of golf. It was the first time he had played since October and he broke 100. But, while he was focusing on making par, the whole world of sports was focused on him for a different reason.

Yes, Jason Collins is the first professional athlete to come out while still playing. And regardless of how you may feel about homosexuality and same-sex marriage, you can’t help but be happy for a man who is finally able to the live the life he has wanted. This is a victory for the human race. It should not just be limited to professional athletes or the LGBT community. A man who has lived a lie his entire life finally feels comfortable enough to own his existence.

It happened the right way too. He wasn’t caught in some scandalous, embarrassing scene. He got to tell his story on his own terms and let people formulate their own educated opinions. Opinions by people like sports analyst Chris Broussard, who eloquently stated on ESPN that he did not agree with Collins’ life style. While Broussard might not agree with Collins, he certainly agrees with living a truthful life.

Don’t expect Jason Collins to be the head of the next big Gay Pride Parade or to see him preaching to the masses about sexual orientation rights. Expect him to play basketball next year and to be a veteran presence in the locker room that so many teams crave. His choice to come out will change the lives of many young athletes around the country and that is a decision that ESPN wishes they had aired. 

Traug Keller is a sophomore journalism major from New Canaan, Conn.