Bike-sharing program expands near TCU campus

Another bike-sharing station is set to open just south of the TCU campus, and officials with Fort Worth B-Cycle said they hope it encourages more people to ride.

The new B-cycle station will be within walking distance of campus on the corner of University Drive and Berry Street in front of the 7-Eleven convenience store, according to Kristen Camareno, executive director of Fort Worth B-cycle.

Fort Worth B-cycle is a bike-sharing system that allows users to ride shared public bicycles around the city. According to its website, the program's mission is to provide "an affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly" form of transportation.

Fort Worth B-cycle officials said they believe the new station near campus will help increase the number of riders because there will be another place to dock the bicycles.

“We anticipate that with the addition of the station at Berry and University in front of the 7-Eleven it’ll be a lot more heavily used because students will then have another place to dock the bikes,” Camareno said.

The Fort Worth B-cycle program received a $554,610 grant from the Texas Department of Transportation last July. According to the City of Fort Worth website, the funds will be used to establish 10 new bike-share stations and purchase 100 new bicycles.

There is currently one other bike-sharing station on campus, which is located on West Cantey Street near Ed Landreth Hall and Auditorium. The second nearest bike-sharing station is about two miles away at 1700 Park Place Ave.

Anyone with a B-cycle membership can use one of the shared bicycles, and a 24-hour pass is available for those who do not have a membership.

The 24-hour pass can be purchased for $8. Memberships can be purchased by students at $20 for seven days, $30 for 30 days or $65 for one year.

Rented bicycles can be used for up to 30 minutes for free before they must be docked at any bike-sharing station. If the bike is kept for more than 30 minutes, the rider will have to pay additional usage fees.

Usage fees are $1.50 for the second half hour and $3 for every additional 30-minute period. Total usage fees are capped at $100 a day.

According to the latest Fort Worth Bike-Sharing quarterly report, of the 30 bike-sharing stations across Fort Worth, the station on West Cantey Street was the 14th most used overall and the 10th most used on a per-dock basis. This past quarter there were 281 total bicycle checkouts at the West Cantey Street bike station and an average of 94 checkouts per month.

Until the new bike-sharing station opens, the West Cantey Street location can be used for quick trips.

“I went out on a date with my girlfriend and we rode the B-cycle down to Magnolia [Street] and had lunch and rode it back home,” said Jeffrey Chatman, a senior entrepreneurial management major who interned at Fort Worth B-cycle this past summer.

B-cycle bikes can be used for everything from an energy-efficient trip to a quick lunch date, and with a new bike station scheduled for installation, the options continue to grow.