Samuelson Hall residents continue window messages


Sophomore roommates are carrying on a tradition of using their living room window in Samuelson Hall as a canvas to paint messages for TCU students to enjoy.

Many may remember the corner window of Samuelson Hall that overlooks the entrance to Market Square from last year. The window was constantly decorated with positive messages for students walking in and out of the BLUU. This year, that tradition continues.

Sophomore business marketing major Maddie Mount said she has carried on the tradition with her roommates.

"We decided it would be a fun thing to keep going,” she said.

One of Maddie’s current roommates knew the previous resident who wrote the messages last year, so they already had an idea of how things worked, she said.

Mount said she does the writing and drawing, while she and her roommates talk about what would be cool to write on the window.

Mount said she finds inspiration through the internet, looking up easy things to draw as well as funny messages. She also tries to coordinate the messages to what is relevant to TCU.

This semester she has drawn the horned frog hand symbol, written messages about Gary Patterson and created jokes about TCU’s rival football teams.

During the football season, the messages are repainted weekly in order to keep the comments up-to-date with the games, but she said she probably will not be updating the messages as much second semester.

Painting each message takes about 30 to 45 minutes depending on how hard the picture is to draw or how much design she puts on the window, Mount said.

She said the messages vary to in order to convey a sense of school spirit, humor or encouragement.

Mount said she takes the time to post the messages for anyone coming in and out of the BLUU and for anyone who is interested in rooting on the Frogs.

Cecily Patino, first-year business major, said she looks forward to seeing the messages.

“It gives me something to look at when I walk out of Market Square,” she said.

Kyle Fincher, sophomore strategic communications major, said the messages are a good thing for TCU.

“Usually they [the messages] are pretty funny," he said. "I like them on game days when they are putting down the other teams, that’s always fun."

Jeanne Murdoch, sophomore anthropology major, said, “It’s something positive that can improve someone’s day."

She said she remembers the messages from last year and would like to see the tradition carry on even after this year.

Mount said she agrees. Although she is not planning on living in the same room next year, she said she hopes that whoever moves in continues the tradition.