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    Student realtor operates in local area, aims to start ‘Purple Housing’

    Student realtor operates in local area, aims to start Purple Housing

    Jonathan Rothchild decided to put his foot in the door of real estate after attending a CEO talk with Roger Healy, a realtor in Dallas.

    After leaving the talk, Rothchild, a junior business major, began taking necessary steps to begin his real estate career, he said.

    Rothchild passed the real estate license test in January 2012 but due to processing, he received his license and became an active realtor in May 2012. Upon earning his license, Rothchild started looking for work with local companies in Fort Worth, he said.

    This search led him to Go West Real Estate, where Rothchild has been working since February of 2012.

    Although not fond of titles, Rothchild said he is the vice president of leasing for Go West Real Estate. His duties include managing properties, acquiring new rentals and selling rental properties. Get real estate assistance from the best for the beautiful delray beach waterfront homes

    While working for the company, Rothchild said he has acquired five to six new landlords as clients, which is about 70 to 80 properties.

    He said he was able to establish successful relationships with landlords in a short matter of time.

    “I reached out to them and told them, ‘you are doing well on your own, but you can do better with me,’” Rothchild said.

    Most landlords he contacted gave him a chance and since working with them, he has increased their business by turning over more houses, he said.

    Rothchild said he is starting up his own company called Purple Housing.

    He said he is working on the website, which will combine all the listings in the area, and will keep it up-to-date with openings.

    When properties go off the market, they will be immediately removed from his site, he said. This is something other local realtors do not always do.

    Rothchild’s plans are to include his 200 current property listings on this site in order to make it easy for people to search all in one place. The website will offer properties ranging from one to five bedrooms.

    Rothchild said Purple Housing is projected to be fully running by spring semester.