2013 Mr. and Ms. TCU take reign


Pleasant shock seized the two students when they realized they would reign as Mr. and Ms. TCU.

Senior finance major Taylor Baker and senior marketing major Bekah Serio were announced winners of the 2013 titles during the homecoming game against Kansas.

Serio said she double-checked with Chancellor Victor Boschini that her name had actually been called because she thought maybe she had wanted the title so badly she had just imagined it.

“I’ve just loved TCU so much,” she said. “It’s just a very affirming way to end my senior year.”

Taylor Baker, who had been nominated for the role by his fraternity, BYX, said he too was shocked.

“When they called my name, I was certainly very, very surprised,” he said. “It’s quite underwhelming afterward. My friends tease me a lot, call me Mr. TCU.”

When not at TCU, Serio resides in Berlin, Germany and describes herself as a quasi-Texan. Winning the title, Serio said, has not altered her life.

“It hasn’t changed much,” she said. “Nor should it.”

Serio said she views TCU’s student body as laid-back and friendly and would not want to portray anything different.

Baker said he hasn’t got a clue why he was chosen Mr. TCU but hopes it is because he has put people first and has impacted the lives of others. Baker said his parents were also Horned Frogs.

“I haven’t missed a home TCU football game since I was born,” he said.

As part of the win, the seniors said they need to make plans to attend TCU’s homecoming again in 25 years.

While Baker can’t predict the future, he said a quarter century from now he hopes he will still be living in the Metroplex.

“Still going to TCU football games every weekend,” he said.