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Construction creates problems with emergency call boxes


Emergency call boxes marked with blue lights on top are found all over TCU’s campus to ensure safety for anyone walking around.

Two of these emergency call boxes are currently out of order near the intramural fields by the Greek and in the commuter parking lot on Lubbock Avenue.

Johnny Barfield, a sophomore health and fitness major, said he thinks it is important to be able to get a hold of emergency providers in case something goes wrong.

“The two [boxes] are further away from campus and things are more likely to go wrong,” Barfield said. “Safety is still important, but because so many students are gone it’s not as big of an issue.”

Barfield also said that security should be tightened in the areas that the call boxes are not working by patrolling the area or making more routine stops there.

Jill Rosso, a junior marketing major, said she feels safer with all the emergency boxes working around campus.

“If you were walking across the parking lot at night or at the library or something, I would feel safer if they were working and that’s why we have them; it is for them to actually work, so I personally think they should be fixed,” Rosso said.

Pamela Christian of the TCU Police Department said these boxes are regularly tested by people at the physical plant. The physical plant has patterns and scheduled times of when they check these emergency call boxes.

The emergency call boxes can easily be affected by the construction around TCU.

“Some of the boxes were down due to the construction, and so needless to say they knew the boxes had to be down,” Christian said.

If you are near one of these boxes and need help, call TCU Police at 817-257-7777 in the event of an emergency.

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