TCU Wesley and UTA Wesley’s Missional Academy still going strong

The TCU Wesley Foundation joins forces with the University of Texas at Arlington’s Wesley Foundation again this year for an annual program focused on student mission work.

The program, called Missional Academy, teaches students about living a mission-centered life, said Megan Davidson, TCU campus minister.

Davidson said her close relationship with Joseph Nader, UTA’s campus minister, inspired them to start the program.

“We started it and designed it together. It’s our fourth year this year,” Davidson said.

Davidson said one of the main purposes of Missional Academy is to find “the heart behind a life of mission.”

Isaac Dunn, TCU Wesley member and Missions Team member, said participating in Missional Academy with UTA Wesley helps students make connections with other Wesley members from different schools.

“It’s been good; it helps us branch out to our other Wesley groups and support each other,” said Dunn, a junior religion and communications double major. “It’s always good to make those connections and to meet people who have similar interests that are outside the TCU community.”

Dunn also said there is more to the program than just the curriculum it chooses to use. They also try to go out and volunteer.

“There’s the curriculum part of what we do and then there’s actually putting those ideas and concepts into practice,” Dunn said. “Usually later on in the semester, we take a weekend and go and volunteer somewhere.”

This year, Missional Academy is focusing on missional spirituality. The curriculum is based on the book “Simple Harmony” by Larry Duggins.

Davidson said the program has a lot of extra copies, and they are available to anyone who wants one.

“It’s a really easy read and we would love to give this out to as many TCU students as possible,” Davidson said.

The TCU and UTA Wesley Foundations meet every Thursday for Missional Academy at 7 p.m. They take turns meeting at the TCU and UTA Wesley sites.