TCU student raising money for Hurricane Odile


A TCU senior is more than a third of the way to achieving her goal of raising $15,000 for residents of Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, who were affected by Hurricane Odile.

Shortly after the Category 3 hurricane struck Sept. 14, senior Taylor Reisdorf and her sister Madison, who attends Southern Methodist University, launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for Hurricane Odile victims. They set their goal at $15,000.

Reisdorf, a Spanish and strategic communication double major, said the money will go directly to those who need it most.

“In our eyes, it’s the children who lost everything that are the most vulnerable,” Reisdorf said. “This money can provide assistance to families without clean water or food and help people get the medical attention they need.”

Reisdorf lived on the peninsula until she was 14 years old.

“All my childhood memories are in Cabo,” Reisdorf said. “While the physical destruction of the town is evidently very catastrophic, the emotional destruction is very deep as well.”

Growing up, Reisdorf watched Cabo San Lucas evolve from a small fishing village into a luxurious tourist destination.

“Many of my friends’ homes have been completely washed away, severely destructed, or, most recently, looted by the desperate people who have been without food and water for five days now,” Reisdorf said.

Reisdorf and her sister have raised $5,640 for the Hurricane Odile Relief fund so far. There is no deadline for the fundraiser.