Students distracted by noise levels in the library


The loud section of the library is living up to its name this semester as noise levels in the common space have reached a new high. 

“It gets continually louder as the day progresses,” said Matt Ellis, a TCU student who frequents the library multiple times a day. 

“A lot of the noise comes from the computer area compared to the surrounding tables and rooms.”

Since the start of the library reconstruction, the amount of available space for studying has been reduced. This change results in more students within a smaller space, making the loud section even louder.

“I realize there is not as much space as there was last year because of the construction but I don’t think the space is being used adequately to accommodate the student’s needs,” Ellis said.

Ellis said the increase in noise can make it difficult for students to get their work done without distractions.

Brian Grady, another student who is in the library every day, said he tries to block out the additional noise.

“I try to put in headphones if it is gets too loud and when that doesn’t work I normally will try to go to Smith or somewhere else,” Grady said.

Jalen Monday, a help desk student worker in the library, said that it’s his job to help out students who have difficulty studying in the loud environment.

“If students don’t want to go to the quiet section we try to direct them to several places that people might not know about in the library such as the basement or the second floor by the music library,” Monday said.

“If it gets too loud we have the ability to close off the doors to the quiet section and allow them complete peace if need be.”

The renovations and added space are expected to be ready for student use come fall 2015.