Storming the field could be costly, but TCU escapes fine


Many TCU students that attended the upset victory over Oklahoma last weekend were able to rush the field and create a memory with the football players that will last a lifetime.

A memory, however, that can cost some universities a hefty fine.

TCU wasn’t the only team to pull off a big upset last weekend. Ole Miss defeated Alabama, the students rushed the field, and the goalposts were uprooted and removed from the stadium.

The SEC fined Ole Miss $50,000 for storming the field. Add on roughly $25,000 in costs to replace the torn-down goalposts, and the University of Mississippi was out of $75,000 after Saturday’s game.

However, after the Ole Miss athletic director tweeted that it was “all donations accepted” when it comes to paying off the bill, Rebel fans repaid the $75,000 in just four hours.

TCU didn’t face a fine from the Big 12 for storming the field, as the Big 12 doesn’t have the same $50,000 fine policy as the SEC.

Also, Horned Frog fans weren’t able to tear down the goalposts because TCU has a hydraulic system in place that automatically lowered the goalposts Saturday to avoid any ruckus.

Ross Bailey, associate director of TCU athletics, said the university installed the hydraulic goalposts in 2011 to ensure the safety of all fans.

TCU’s post-operational policy outshone that of Ole Miss last weekend, although some Horned Frog fans might be slightly upset that the uprights from the big victory aren’t currently in their backyard.