‘Band of Fame’ award brings history and tradition to TCU band


Full of history and tradition, homecoming not only gives former TCU band members the opportunity to march and perform with the band on game day, but an opportunity to honor those who have made outstanding achievements.

That honor is the “Band of Fame” award.

Established in 1987, the “Band of Fame” award is given in honor of Jim “Prof” Jacobsen, TCU band director from 1955-1982, and his wife, Wyneth “Mrs. J” Jacobsen. Recipients of the award are those who have made “outstanding contributions” to TCU and the band, said Bobby Francis, TCU director of bands.

“It’s pretty open in criteria to be considered [for the award],” Francis said. “We look for people who have had success in their career. Many of them are in music but not all.”

This year, Dr. Arthur “Skipper” Dolt and Paul Dods are the inductees to the “Band of Fame,” said Mark Sakovich, president of the TCU Ex-Bandsmen Association.

Dods is a retired computer software programmer, former president of the Ex-Bandsmen Association, and the lead clarinet performer for the Sherman Symphony Orchestra. Dolt has been in dental practice for 18 years and is the lead trombone player in the Atlanta Swing Orchestra, Sakovich said.

“The one thing that both of the inductees share is that they are still very active in music,” Sakovich said.

The inductees were nominated by the members of the Ex-Bandsmen Association, an organization of former TCU band members. Each inductee is then reviewed by the Ex-Bandsmen officers and TCU band staff. Once selected, the inductees are recognized on game day at a luncheon and on the field during pre-game, Sakovich said.

Previous inductees include many successful music educators, performers, and the dean of the Neeley School of Business, Homer Erekson, who was a trombone player for TCU in the 70s, Francis said.

This homecoming, the Ex-Bandsmen Association also notes the end of an era.

“After being the president for the past 16 years, I will be stepping down after homecoming this year and turn the reigns over to the younger crowd,” Sakovich said.

Sakovich said he still plans to remain active in the Ex-Bandsmen Association and will continue to contribute to the band.

“The one thing we all share is a love for TCU and the TCU band,” Sakovich said.