New meal plan to be available in January


When students return from winter break in January, they can expect to find a finished multi-purpose facility in Worth Hills along with a new meal plan to match.

The new building will house four dining options including a Tex-Mex option, a grill, a bistro and a grab-n-go market. Craig Allen, director of housing and residence life, said the new eateries will primarily accept Campus Cash.

“It won’t be a Market Square where you swipe in and eat whatever you want,” Allen said.

Allen also said that Housing and Residence Life will be rolling out a new meal plan that caters more to the students living in Worth Hills who will be closer to the new facility.

The “Flex 7” meal plan will include seven all-you-can-eat meal swipes to Market Square and additional campus cash and frog bucks that can be used at the new facility.

Preston Klein, a sophomore business major who lives in Worth Hills, said if he has the new plan, he will likely use the new facility for breakfast and dinner.

“It’ll be nice having food close by,” Klein said. “Maybe in-between classes I’d still stop at the [Brown-Lupton University Union].”

The “Flex 7” plan will only be available to second-year and upperclass students. Allen said first-year students will still have the meal plan option with unlimited swipes to Market Square.

Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor for student affairs, said that even with the new facility, she still expects to see students using the BLUU.

“The BLUU is kind of like the living room, or the heart of the campus,” Cavins-Tull said. “We want students to come together as a class and as a community.”