Local photographer launches new book with Moudy exhibit


A Fort Worth local, Loli Kantor, is exhibiting 46 photographs at TCU’s Moudy Gallery this week.

Kantor is debuting her book Beyond the Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe 2004-2012 with a book signing, which took place Thursday, and an exhibition.

Beyond the Forest is a series of over 100 photographs that depict the lives of Jewish communities in Poland and Ukraine, said Moudy Gallery curator Sara-Jayne Parsons.

The research for her book started when Kantor decided to look into her family history. This journey led her to prominent places in Europe during World War II, including Auschwitz.

Over time, the project grew into a general view of contemporary Jewish life and tradition in Poland and Ukraine.

“It’s an amazing body of work,” Parsons said. “It comes from a very personal place for Loli.”

Kantor’s photos connect viewers to these different communities on a personal level, said Parsons.

“I’d describe this as a subjective documentary because she has connected to the communities she’s working with either through friendships or family connections,” Parsons said.

Kantor grew deeper connections with her subjects through her historical connection to the project.

“The people you meet in the images, [Kantor] can tell you their stories,” Parsons said. “She can tell you what their connection is.”

Kantor’s exhibit in the the Moudy Gallery debuted Monday and will close Friday at 4 p.m.